Traditional CBD Oils

CBD or Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from Cannabis plant or from industrial hemp. The therapeutic and medicinal uses of CBD oil and Cannabis in general has risen a lot lately.

Although Cannabis plant has been traditionally known and appreciated for its properties, until recently there were no scientific studies to support these claims. Today, the popularity of this plant and cannabinoids is greater than ever thanks to these recent scientific studies that have proven the effectiveness of cannabinoids (including CBD).

What does CBD do?

About the possible uses of CBD and brief discussion of the leading scientific studies on cannabidiol you will soon be able to read on our blog.

Can you buy and sell CBD products legally in Belgium?

Yes, it is legal to buy and sell CBD products in Belgium.

Most CBD products and care products on the European market are derived from hemp species that do not contain more than 0,2% THC, as long as the THC value of CBD products does not exceed 0,2% it is legal to buy and sell CBD in Belgium. Besides, there are numerous Belgian physical stores where you can purchase CBD products such as CBD oil, dried CBD flowers and plant.

Is CBD allowed to be ingested? Can CBD oil be promoted or presented as a food or dietary supplement in Belgium?
Numerous Belgian health food stores, CBD shops sell CBD oil and dried plants of hemp. But still it is forbidden to promote or present it as food or dietary supplement.

Belgium and Austria are only countries in Europe where CBD oil and dried hemp plant are not yet allowed to be promoted or presented as food or dietary supplements. Legislation is very clear about this, CBD as food or food supplement is not allowed, as long as CBD products are not presented or promoted as food or food supplement, it is allowed to be traded.

So cosmetics, e- liquids, CBD based massage oil, CBD oil for external use and hemp flowers and herbs for aromatherapy are legal. Is CBD addictive? Cbd is a non-psychoactive constituent of cannabis plant. It contains less than 0.2% THC and is therefore not addictive. Thanks to its safe and beneficial substances, the top cbd for sleep UK products is suitable for all target groups. Both young children and seniors. Report of the world health organization WHO released in late 2017 states that cbd is not addictive and it is also not dangerous for health.

How to make your own CBD

Because Organic or raw CBD oil or CBD care products of high quality are quite expensive, we have written out a recipe for extraction of CBD from Organic hemp plant. (Soon available on our blog! Stay tuned).

Where can I buy Trumpetol cbd flowers?

In our eco and bio webshop Biobey you can order raw cbd-rich products like cbd ointment for muscle pain, CBD shampoo without sls or sulfates and more. All cbd products have a CC+ certificate. This certification guarantees the present raw cbd content of organic origin.

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